I wanted to create a brand of shirts that not only had artwork, but I wanted to create an experience of brand.  OMEGA clothing was created with quality and comfort in mind.  I wanted the customer to feel how much love and care I put into not just the design of each shirt, but the packaging as well.  I designed everything from the shirts, packaging, website, and stickers.  The commercial was created with social media in mind.  I was able to reach out  to Dominique Storelli and get her to be the model of the lookbook video.  I then reached out to a lot of my professional friends to help me bring the lookbook commercial to life. While it was not a big success in terms of a business I am still extremely happy with what I created.
Vector Illustrations
I designed these all myself inside of Illustrator.  I was obsessed with negative space and how it could complete the form of some shapes. 
Clothing Mock-ups
 Owner Art Direction + Designer - Matthew Metoyer
Co-Owner - Felix Metoyer III
Director - Arthur To
Edit - Marc Hampson
Score - Lawrence Lindell
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